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A leading CBSE schools group is committed to excellence in independent education for children aged 3-19 years. Offering most competitive and holistic curricula, GPS aims to nurture students to adapt to, deal with, and even welcome an ever changing and increasingly globalised environment. Gurukripa Public School is a Senior Secondary school. The school has a lush green campus with total 44 class rooms, an auditorium, an activity hall, a computer lab and one reading corner (library). The school provides/doesn’t provide any residential facility. The school aims at discovering new dimensions of teaching and reaching new horizon of excellence in the field of education. It is teaching discipline, cultural activities like music, drama, and computer, sports as well as the morals of human life.

A focus on facilities at the school

We care, we share, For the Future we prepare.

It today’s highly-competitive world, we aspire to give students a happy, motivating and an affectionate atmosphere to enable them grow into responsible, well-educated and independent citizens of tomorrow. We creates learning environments that expose learners to 21st-century skills, sports, music and arts, and increase the appetite for learning.

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Public speaking and giving presentations form part of the academic curriculum and these are skills which are useful when applying to colleges and universities.

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