The laboratories are designed to encourage & kindle curiosity of the students. The labs are equipped with the latest equipments and modern apparatus. Each lab is well ventilated and provides enough working area for the learners and storage.Special care has been given to the safety aspects in the labs. All experiments are conducted by the students under the guidance of the trained staff. The labs ensure that children understand & appreciate the power of exploration & verification and develop a scientific temperament.

Our laboratories comply with the international standards which help the students to be well conversant with the various instruments. By handling the most sophisticated types of equipment, the students build up a high confidence level, which benefits them in the long run.


Thoughtfully designed science labs satisfy the inquisitiveness and the quest for innovation and research. Separate labs for physics, chemistry, and biology equipped with latest devices and experimental kits are provided to the students.


To integrate technology into classroom teaching and to tackle the real world problems, students are given extensive knowledge of the hardware and software. Collaborative education projects are handled by the students under the able guidance of the highly competitive teaching staff.


An important part of learning any language is to sharpen the 4 R’s Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. The Language Lab facilitates an environment for students to enrich their vocabulary, diction, and pronunciation. Also, it encourages creative thinking of students.