From The Desk Of Director

As rightly quoted by the Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson

"Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant."

Gurukripa PublicSchool is a journey of self-discovery for young children as they will grow to become young citizens. The school equips them to excel in academics, and to be savvy in the use of technology. They will experience the fact that learning is about exploration and experimentation. Knowledge is to become a liberating experience as they will be encouraged to discover their interests, their talents and aptitudes, and learn to form their opinions and role in society. This will be achieved in a conducive environment adapted to this millennium. An important feature of this process will be the school’s provision of rich choices, be they in courses of academics, creative and intellectual activities, and in sports and adventure. We instill a tremendous amount of self-discipline in the students, to prepare them for the competitive world that they will face in future.

The school will follow a holistic approach; holistic curriculum to teaching, supplementing conventional classroom activities that arouse curiosity, encourage reflection and strengthen team spirit. The school empowers students with knowledge, to develop in them a positive approach to life and equip them with confidence, honesty and sincerity to face and overcome the challenges of life with dignity.

If leadership is the ability to take decisions and to find solutions for the larger good, a GPS will imbibe it through leadership & personality development programme and on the sports field, through world class sporting opportunities & healthy competitive spirits. The Gurukripa PublicSchool aims not just to nurture the student through the formative years, but also to place him on a path of life-long learning, always with Indian values and global approach.

Our classroom teaching-learning processes are structured for optimum learning outcomes. Our teaching faculties are passionate about the same and our teacher resource centre compliments this.

At GPS, we happily encourage parents in the important decisions related to their child’s education, and career. We have several mechanisms for interacting with our parents/care-givers on a regular basis and ensure that their school always remains approachable.

I wish and hope, Gurukripa PublicSchool ; a Centre of Excellence For Studies, Sports and Success will always be a dream school in preparing leaders for tomorrow.

With best wishes